SWISS LABEL certification

SWISS LABEL strengthens the self-assurance of Swiss industry and supports the marketing of Swiss quality products and services at home and abroad.


SWISS LABEL promotes the high identity of Switzerland as a key international exporter. The trademark will underscore the origin and quality awareness of buyers and consumers who purchase goods and services of Swiss origin.


Made in Switzerland

swissRoomBox® quality

embodies a concept of quality that includes the technical aspect such as reliability, precision, functionality and robustness as well as their aesthetic quality among them elegance and originality of design. It covers both traditional and new manufacturing techniques.


Special kraft paper composite materials Made in Switzerland

thanks to the Swiss know-how and spirit of innovation, our Swiss partner has developed for the swissRoombox® a composite material made by kraft paper with a home made adhesive special mixture that bring the advantages of:


- self-supporting material

- impervious to water

- good resistance to cracking

- good heat resistance

- good resistance to scratching

- resistance to all household cleaning products

- good abrasion resistance

- no corrosion nor oxidation